Monday, March 12, 2007

ScriptLance has made me a freelancer

One year ago, I register myself on ScriptLance as a freelancer. Browsing the net was my hobby. I come accross the ScriptLance site while surfing the net. I register myself just for curiosity. As I have knowledge of some programming in C/C++, visual basic etc, I tried to get some jobs of that types. My effort on first few months was in vain. After few months I tried to get very small jobs of $5-$20 as I realized that without feedbacks, it is very tough to get any big project. I finally get a project of $5. Unfortunately, I found that ScriptLance took the whole $5 as project fee. I was wondered, but not dis-hearted. After few days I got another project below $10. For few next months I got 2-3 projects per month. At this point, I decided to be a professional freelancer. I tried to build a team. I sarted serching for data-entry guys. Initially it was very tough to get anyone to work with me. I got two guys. Day-by-day, when I started to get success, I got more people in my team. Now I have a well established team of talented energetic data entry guys. We are now handing 10-20 projects at a time.
Initially, I personally worked on projects. Now, I have to spend my whole time to supervise the works of my fellow guys.
To my veiw, following are important points for success:
1) Hard working, sincerity and regularity of work. I work 7 days a week.
2) Communication: keeping timely communication with the clients is vital. I use yahoo, msn, aim & icq to communicate instantly with the clients. I have bought a cell phone to check email when I am outside.
3) Honesty is very much important. Tell your expertise and limitations honestly to the clients.
4) Take only projects in the fields you have expertise.

Finally, click here to see my feedbacks on ScriptLance.

Update (02-August-2012):  ScriptLance has been acquired by Here is my new profile on


Anonymous said...

hi friend

Do check out Indian site too. This is freelance site designed for indian freelancers to work for clients workdwide. All paymnets are in Rupees.

Enam said...

Finally, I have achieved the landmark of obtaining 50 feedbacks on ScriptLance. See my all 51 feedbacks here

Also Two months ago, I was within top 50 programmers according to ScriptLance's ranking. Still I am within top 100 programmers although now-a-days I am not such active on ScriptLance. Because I am getting good number of projects outside ScriptLance

Feel free to contact me if you need any data entry jobs, social bookmarking, social networking, internet marketing, craigslist posting, web design, programming, CAD detailing jobs etc. Here is details of the services I provide.

Danila Scot said...

I am also a freelancer and I think that it’s not easy to be one. There are lots of freelancers entering the online market everyday and biding is also becoming very competitive. It’s not as easy as it seems.